AnI2IV5CO1v1p1 AnI2IV5CO1v1p1 AnI2IV5CO1v1p1
There are two analog inputs on this module. Each input can measure 0 to 5 VDC independently. There are 3 low values and 3 high values for each input, that passing the input value from them fires the related event. There is also a comparator digital output, can be used to generate a digital signal (0 or 12 VDC) according to the value of inputs. Comparator output value can be related to the value of both inputs or can be the result of the comparison of one input with a constant value. To avoid output bouncing you can specify hysteresis value for the comparator output. The 5 VDC output can provide up to 400 milliamps to power the analog sensors.

Download Module Datasheet - 670KB

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