Rly3VHA10v1p1 Rly3VHA10v1p1 Rly3VHA10v1p1
This module consists of three 10A relays can be used to turn electrical devices on and off via ihd commands. All three switch pins of each relay (COM, NO, NC) are available to use. All relays can operate independently, or they can be linked together from software. Each relay has two modes for turning on or off; one mode changes relay state according to a variable called Auto, and other mode powers relay without considering the value of Auto variable. There is a switch to turn on all relays at emergencies. Every relay has its own timer to change its state automatically if needed. Timer resolution is 1 second, and it can delay up to 65535 seconds equals to 18 hours and 12 minutes. The module can be frozen to avoid changing the state of relays; this feature is useful in situations that no electrical instrument must be turned on or off like diffusion of flammable gas in the area.

Download Module Datasheet - 737KB

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